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What Services Do We Offer?

We provide Cloud Storage backup solutions. We setup your computers to stay backedup and secure.

We provide a 24/7 around the clock IT support, emergency support, and network setup/maintaince.

We support and maintain Mac OS and any Apple products.

We also support the Windows Operating Systems as well as the Windows Server Environment.

Why Choose Need IT Help?

NeedITHelp was formed to keep the support for customers of previous companies that closed their doors and didn't keep communication with their clients. NeedITHelp is here to pick up the slack and provide constant communication with their clients so everyone is happy and knows whats going on with their business from the IT prospective.

We are a small company and we will focus on helping other small/medium companies keep their house clean and free of IT/Computer issues.

Need IT Help was formed on 4/1/2014 and we have a team of IT Staff that are knowledgeable in many different areas. Our experience combined with our team is about 10+ years per Tech Expert we contract.